Knuckle Boom Crane

Knuckle Boom Crane for industrial is mounted on truck.

1-The steel quality is selected in accordance with the classification societies recommendation to obtain necessary ductility for the lower temperature design limit.

All important weldings are carried out in accordance with welding procedure.

After welding a certain amount of NDT control is carried out. Boom meterial is high Strength Steel (Yield Stress 700-900 N/mm2) and boom section is hegzagonal. Foundation is designed according to max. load.

2-Control : Luffing and extension system for crane is provided by hydraulic control valve. Control valve can be selected proportional system or  normal control. Moment control system is provided with electrical. Operator cabin if needed, has some properties. Heating and cooling system,stained glass,adjustable seat,window wiper and the other. Each hydraulic circuit is provided with equipment for limiting hydraulic pressure to present values corresponding to the crane capacity.-Emergency stop,-Overload protection of all motions by overload relief valves,-Hydraulic hook stop in upper position,-Load holding valve on the hydraulic luffing cylinder,-Overload protection, all motions will be protected against overload by individual safety valves,

3-Outrigger distance is provided for needed lifting capacity

4-Boom extension is porived by hydraulic cyclinders.

5-Slewing system is supplied by planetary gearbox driven by hydraulic motor with slewing bearing

6-Hoisting winch and pulley block is supplied for optional.


1-Single foldable boom crane.

Knuckle boom crane

Knuckle boom crane







2-Single foldable boom crane.








3-Double foldable boom crane.

Knuckle boom crane

Knuckle boom crane





Lifting diagram

Lifting diagrams