Anchor Windlass

  • All components are selected for long life under severe marine conditions.
  •  Anchor and mooring windlasses are available with either electric or hydraulic drivers as a subject of the customers’ demands.
  •   Hydraulic power packs are available separately.
  •  Any windlass can be alternatively connected to the central hydraulic system.
  •  Certification by various number of Lloyd societies is available as a subject of the customers’ demands.

Cable Lifter

  • Chain type                                                    : ISO 1704Chain quality                                                 : Q3

    Chain diameter                                            : 50 mm

    Nominal force                                               : 116.47 kN

    Break out force (2 min.)                              : 174.71 kN

    Brake holding force 45 %                           : 882.63 kN

    Nominal chain speed                                  : 0-12  m/min.

    Brake type                                                    : Friction lined bandbrake

    Brake operation                                           : Manual operated

    Clutch type                                                    : Claw clutch

    Clutch operation                                          : Manual operated

    Number of teeth                                           : 5 piece (s)

    Material cable lifter                                      : Cast steel

    Quantity cable lifter                                      : 1 piece