Free Fall Davit

Free Fall Davit is a deck to wall mounted davit, placed at the stern of the ship, and consists of a launch ramp, davit arm (A-frame), winch and hydraulic unit. The launch ramp has been provided with sliding pads, made of high density polyethylene, taking care after a smooth acceleration of the boat.

In those cases where free-fall launch appears to be unpractical or unsafe, the system has also been provided with a secondary means to launch the lifeboat by falls against unfavourable conditions of trim of up to 2 degrees and a list of up to 5 degrees either way.

Free Fall Davits in accordance with the Chapter 6 of LSA Code that provides international standards for life-saving appliances required by Chapter 3 of the international convention for the SOLAS/1974.

Free Fall Davits are tested in accordance with the Article 8 of Part 1 of the Resolution MSC.81 (70).

–        Free Fall Davits are approved by many classification societies.


–        Davits are provided with hydraulic drivers.


–        Davits can be supplied with hydraulic power-packs or connected to the central hydraulic system.

–        Davits combine launching and retrieval functions. They can also be supplied only as a launching ramp.

–        Sliding rollers are bronze and balancing rollers are polyamide.

–        Electric starters and hydraulic power-packs are located in a safely closed area.

–        All components are selected for long life under severe marine conditions.